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核心提示:Handbook 手册 Interface Design 界面设计 We have a great team of creative Designers, some excellent web developers, some great copywriters, others great analysts and all of them amazing at creatingtesting high fidelity interactive prototypes. 我们拥有

Handbook 手册

Interface Design 界面设计

We hAVe a great team of creative Designers, some excellent WEB developers, some great copywriters, others great analysts and all of them amazing at creating & testing high fidelity interactive prototypes.



Overview 总览

Designing Interfaces, pARticulARly when pARt of a big scoped Product, reqUIres a big deal of organisation and method(Keeping files, folders, documentation, and prototypes organised ARe key for product scalability and mAintenance.), at all levels.


Even though our process is a pretty straight-forwARd, we follow it meticulously as it's proven itself over the yeARs in all sort of Projects, ranging from smaller, shorter timeline projects, to bigger, long-running, ever-changing Products.




Discovery 发现

Picking up from the Workshop (see Methodology), where by meeting with the client we develop a common understanding of the project, we become confident in taking on Design Projects while having a cleAR idea of what the product is and what it must become.


On one hand we put all these findings(Understanding the briefing, what the reqUIrements are, the goals, the KPI's and esTablishing deadlines, the Brand's core values, its value proposition, the target audience and their interests, demographics, psychographics, as well as competitor analysis and research.) before the looks but on the other, we motivate creativity, exploration and flawless execution. That's why our Designs (and Designers) fit perfectly with the project's DNA, not the other way around.



Flows & Wireframes 流程图线框图

Flow charts & Wireframes are the backbone of every Design project. They allow us to:


  • Validate the entire product flow as a whole; 整体验证整个产品流程;

  • Outline all the screens and components reqUIrements; 概述所有屏幕和组件要求;

  • Validate every APProach faster than with a pixel perfect,  验证每种方法的速度要比采用完美像素的方法更快, final design; 最终设计 Iterate faster; 迭代更快

  • Study and rapidly identify the need to tackle usability issues;  研究并迅速确定解决可用性问题的需求;

  • evaluate overall effectiveness of the page’s layout on par with the best practices in usability; 与可用性最佳实践相媲美,评估页面布局的总体有效性;

  • Determine develoPMent/programming reqUIrements beforehand; 事先确定开发/编程需求;